Goal Setting: Road Map To Achievement!

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Goal setting………a necessary task that drives our dreams and contains a power that most of us never take advantage of.

What is a goal?


So, what does it mean to set a goal?

To set a goal is to determine exactly what the aim or objective is, and the time allotted to complete it.  Then to map out a step by step plan to achieve it.

I think of goal setting as being similar to tracing your travel course on a road map.

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When traveling to a set destination, its usually a great idea to map out how you’re going to get there.  You have to determine the exact roads that get you there in the least amount of time.


The benefits of mapping out your destination is that it allows you to visualize the direction you’re headed.  Also, forecasting the upcoming twists and turns that are in store for you during your journey.

…..I know……….I know already……….GPS will get me there without all this mapping crap.  But even with GPS, looking at the on screen map gives me an idea where the upcoming turns and exits are.  Which ultimately gives me a mental picture of the journey ahead.  Either way, I can visualize the entire way to my set destination.

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Both ways (Road map & GPS) are helpful in foreseeing alternate routes.  In the event that a certain road is closed due to construction or something of the sort, you can find a suitable detour that helps you stay the course.

Goal setting works the exact same way!

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First, you have to decide on an end destination, an objective that you want to achieve.  Then you have to figure out what steps you have to take and how long it will take you to reach that objective.

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When I set a goal, I try to visualize the route to get there.  I have to see it in my mind first.  Determining where I am, and where I’m trying to go.  Then, I write down every step needed to get there, exactly how I visualized it happening in my mind.

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Even If it doesn’t work out exactly how you visualized, it’ll provide you with a direction in which to follow.  Its okay not to have all the answers as you set your goals.  You simply want to be traveling in the right direction.  You can always go back and change the path, but never change the goal.


So, don’t worry about getting it wrong.  Even if you got it right, life is always going to throw you a curve ball which will force you to redirect your course.  Again, the important thing is to never change the destination.

As long as you reach your goal, does it really matter how you got there?

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When setting goals, make certain that they are SMART goals.  Not that I  think that you would make unintelligent goals, quite the contrary.  S.M.A.R.T. is an acronym for a “tried and true” method for goal setting.  The acronym goes as such……….

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Specific – making certain that your goals have clarity.  Having precise and definitive objectives.

Measurable – being able to assess your progress.

Achievable – determine if your goal is actually within reach.

Relevant – make sure your goals are relevant to your life’s purpose.

Time-Based – putting deadlines in place for completion.

Setting SMART goals will put you on the right track to success.  As I’m writing this article, I’m assessing how I’m going to revise and reshape the scope of  my goals.

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Veering off the path a bit……..

The purpose of the articles that I write is to keep myself on track during my journey to success and prosperity.  I actually read my posts regularly to provide myself positive reinforcement.

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But, I digress……….

Back to setting SMART goals………….

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I cannot express enough how important SMART goal setting is to your future success.  It firmly places you in a position to succeed.  Incorporating this technique will prove to be more favorable than not.


But, all of this is much easier said than done.  Take it from me, changing your thought processes takes a lot of effort and commitment.  I’m still trying to adopt the art of goal setting.  I’m learning to put EVERYTHING that I desire into a goal setting format.  But, once again, practice makes perfect.  You gotta keep trying and you gotta keep at it.  There are only so many times that you’ll make mistakes, eventually the mistakes will cease.  And when they do……WATCH OUT WORLD!

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Use this “Road map to achievement” to take you to new heights.  It will prove to be a worthy guide.

Stop making excuses why you can’t set SMART and concise goals that will steer you towards accomplishing all that you desire.

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Start off small and let that push you to set bigger and better goals that will force you to grow into the greatest YOU ever!

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You can do it……..I believe in you!

Start today!

On your mark……………..

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